Advice to a Middle School Geek

An usual opportunity as provided by Autumn, a sixth grader, asking the following question in Yahoo! Answers:

If I am a geek, how do I survive Middle School?

I'm going into the 7th grade. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect?

My Response:

By "geek" I'm assuming that you mean you are unpopular. If you are unpopular in American secondary schools, this means you are probably smart. Keep in mind that unpopular smart kids don't seem to have any barriers to becoming rich and envied later in life (think Bill Gates was popular in Junior High?)

Smart kids are unpopular most likely because they care less about being popular than dumb kids. It's not that you wouldn't like to be popular (trust me, I know), it's just that the gargantuan amount of effort required to be popular in school is simply not worth it to you. You're smart enough to rationally consider the options - and spending every waking moment of your life trying to please dumb people just seems, well, dumb. Time could be better spent coding IRC bots, designing custom levels in Quake, hacking your neighbor's roomba, or whatever smart kids are doing these days. You see, being smart is just too darn interesting to waste all of your time trying to be popular, and unless you aspire to sell used cars for a living, I recommend you not bother.

My advice: spend your time being smart. Find other smart people. Cultivate your own sense of curiosity. Understand the world is not as cruel and boring as it probably appears from inside the walls of your school.