What Can One Person Really Do?

Four years ago, I wanted to work towards helping get a president elected, but became discouraged. I thought what can one person really do to change a whole election?

Now, we likely face an even more critical moment in our nation's history. This got me to thinking. There are probably other discouraged people like me wondering if one person can really help get a president elected. But what if together we identified one thing an individual could do, and then all actually did it?

This is precisely what I propose we do.

With help from friends, I put together a list of suggestions for things an individual could do to help get a candidate elected. Choose the one you think is best or provide a suggestion of your own. In a couple weeks I'll add up the responses and publish the results.

But here's the Catch: By voting, I ask that you make a commitment to actually do the one thing we arrive at together. This way, what's possible is so much more.


I edited this post on 9/18/2008. Some of my narrative discussed who I'd like to see in the White House. While my beliefs haven't changed, I've chosen to present something less about my personal opinion and more about your personal intention.

Why? In part, it's because I work for a big, publicly-funded media company where there are subtle ethical and legal considerations in taking political positions. In part, it's because my original intention here was to focus on how the participatory web can be used to remove a sense of political dis-empowerment. The idea of a survey used to 'vote' on a way we could collectively encourage ourselves to get involved and make a difference, where before we may have done nothing, is the core of my idea.