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Published review from Innoversity Network.

April 2002 The CEO Refresher - An article which provides a thorough look into the necessity of continuous innovation. Very often the barriers to innovation seem difficult to pin-point, but this article does a brilliant job in discussing the following barriers: focus on problemsolving, too much focus, innovation directed from without (external consultant and advisors) and finally the limits posed by being too focused on finding ONE solution."

Published review from ManyWorlds, Inc.

The CEO Refresher by Keith Hopper; Karl Rexer , published on 05/07/02 , rated **** by our experts.
Even when companies understand the importance of innovation and make a genuine commitment to it, frequently they run into barriers to achieving success. The authors identify four of these: Overwhelming Problem; Over-Focusing; Advisor Agendas; and Solution Orientation. “Overwhelming Problems” refers to the tendency to open up to innovation only when jolted by a crisis rather than building in continuous innovation with a process such as ManyWorlds’ Innovation Network. “Over-Focusing” refers to innovation limited to a set number of decision areas and confined within groups such as marketing or R&D. “Advisor Agendas” discusses several ways in which outside advisors, though bringing a different perspective, tend to filter their innovation suggestions. “Solution Orientation” comes from limiting creative thinking within the context of a single, well defined problem which rules out two more creative approaches. Not as deep as some discussions of innovation, but worth a quick read."